Selasa, 12 Julai 2016

Hello Kitty Malaysia is Here!

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Attention to all Hello Kitty Fans!!
The Previous Hello Kitty Gila Sales Already Over But…
The Next Hello Kitty Gila Sales
Will Sure Come Back Soon
They are selling for Hello Kitty products through online!
For each Gila Sales, they only open for 1 week
only due to the limited stocks they have.
And they mentioned that it will be first come first serve basis,
So make sure you take note of the updates from their
Hello Kitty Malaysia Facebook Fan Page
and make sure you act before others :)
Currently they’re giving away Hello Kitty 3D Model Printouts,
and you can have your own copy from them today!
It’s so cute! <3 br=""> If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself here,
while it’s still available:
This special Hello Kitty 3D Model Printouts
is open for a limited time only, which it may be
taken off completely. Stop reading this now,
and go to the Hello Kitty Malaysia website and grab
your own copy now:
If you’re reading this blog post too late, then you may have missed it.
Don’t leave a comment to complain because there’s nothing I can do.
I told you.. it’s a limited offer :)

Rabu, 6 Julai 2016

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dari Emmymazli

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers
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